Thursday, 21 May 2009

Interesting blog bits

  1. Brad Taylor on Parental Sovereignty and the Reason of Rules. When can the state intervene between parent and child?
  2. Eric on Gender gaps. Female physicians provide about 14% fewer hours of direct patient care as compared to their male colleagues.
  3. Mario Rizzo asks What is the Philosophy of Freedom Called? The philosophy of freedom doesn't have much to do, in an essential way, with conservatism.
  4. Greg Mankiw on Women are less happy. By many objective measures the lives of women in the United States have improved over the past 35 years, yet it seems that measures of subjective well-being indicate that women's happiness has declined both absolutely and relative to men.
  5. James Stanfield wants to Privatise all business and law schools. For-profit institutions can deliver higher education.
  6. Tom M on Conservatives and Individualism

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