Friday 15 January 2021

The Theory of the Firm: An Overview of the Economic Mainstream, Revised Edition

This is a revised edition of Walker (2017). New sections or subsections have been added on the X-inefficiency model, the division of labour and the firm - both pre and post-1970, ownership of the firm and the human capital based firm. Additions have been made to sections on entrepreneurship, the incomplete contracts approach to the firm, the discussion of Coase’s paper on the ‘The Nature of the Firm’, the discussion of industry-level analysis versus intra-firm analysis, reasons for ignoring firm, a small addition has been made to the Sreni material in section 2.1 and material on Commenda, Waqf and the Clan Corporation has also been added to section 2.1. Appendix 4 has been deleted.
Walker, Paul (2017). The Theory of the Firm: An overview of the economic mainstream, London: Routledge.

The Theory of the Firm: An ... by Paul Walker