Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Why libertarians should vote for Obama

Over at Marginal Revolution Alex Tabarrok argues Why Libertarians Should Vote for Obama. He opens his message with
First, war. War is the antithesis of the libertarian philosophy of consent, voluntarism and trade. With every war in American history Leviathan has grown larger and our liberties have withered. War is the health of the state. And now, fulfilling the dreams of Big Brother, we are in a perpetual war.

A country cannot long combine unlimited government abroad and limited government at home. The Republican party has become the party of war and thus the party of unlimited government.
It's an interesting posting, read it all and see what you think.


Eric Dondero said...

The leadership of the Libertarian Party of Alaska endorsed Palin for Governor in 2006. She spoke to two LP meetings that year at their invite. Even her Libertarian opponent in the race Billy Toien endorsed her the last 3 days, telling his supporters to "vote for Sarah."

I wonder if the Libertarian Party of Illinois has ever supported Obama? Somehow, I think not.

Scott said...
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Eric Dondero said...

Hey Scott, notice how many faux blogs pushing this same "Libertarians for Obama" meme have sprung up in the last 24 hours?

Look at the sidebars. Zero contact information. Hardly any real names connected with the blogs.

Just a bunch of Lefty bloggers trying to spread a fake "Libertarians for Obama" meme, cause the GOP now has a libertarian on the ticket in Sarah Palin, and you guys are shittin' your pants.

Oh, and btw, "Scott", what's your last name? Or is that some sort of made up on-line moniker? Why not give us your full name?

Eric Dondero Rittberg
Angleton, Texas USA

Scott said...
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Eric Dondero said...

Marginal what? Never heard of the Blog. And I'm all over the political blogs. May be popular with Far Left Looney Tune bloggers, but completely irrelevant to mainstream Americans.

Nah, I'm "no libertarian" alright. I guess that explains why I just spent the LAST FUCKING 4 MONTHS COLLECTING PETITION SIGNATURES IN 7 STATES TO GET BOB BARR ON THE BALLOT!!! Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, New Hampshire, CT, Rhode Island and Maine.

Nah, I'm "no libertarian" alright. I just support:

Lowering the Drinking Age to 18
Legalizing Marijuana
Legalizing Prostitution
Legalizing Casino Gambling
Opposing the idiotic 55 mph speed limit
Ending ALL Affirmative Action laws
Repealing the IRS
And supporting the Abolishment of the Selective Service Administration

What was that you were saying? I'm "no libertarian"?

Eric Dondero said...

Hey Scott-pooh, notice that you still do not give us your last name?

Are you for real, or just some on-line blogger who likes to post under a bunch of different names, but is actually the same person?

Scott said...
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