Monday, 21 May 2018

The world really has gone mad!!

Where is Richard Dawkins when you need him?!!
"Darwin's Plagiarisms: The Greatest Fraud in History: Introduction to the Inheritance Model of Creation and the New Evolution Theory"

DEIRDRE ROSE, The Ministry of Second Timothy, Inc.

This is a comparative study which evaluates two theories: The theory of evolution and the theory of creation. The purpose of the study is to facilitate the development of a new branch of science. The status of these two theories are as such: evolution is treated as fact, and creation is not considered science. This paper turns everything on its head. Evolution and creation are handled in a completely new and different way. The human life cycle is redefined, and the order of life processes rearranged. Evolution is now defined as the end of the biological process, not the beginning; and there is a place for creation in this new model using a conceptual metaphor taken from a software engineering paradigm known as object-oriented design. In the process of comparing these two theories, the author unveils the greatest fraud in history -- great because it has gone undetected for two centuries and is still being perpetuated today.
I wonder what biology journal will publish this?

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