Wednesday, 26 April 2017

82 copies sold

Today I received a note from my publisher telling me that the greatest book ever written has sold a total of 82 copies! Ok a few fewer than you might expect from a new Harry Potter book, but a (small) step towards being a millionaire.

Thanks to the 82 of you out there.

As for the rest of you ...... shame!


Mark Hubbard said...

Still in the shame camp.


Paul Walker said...

For your sin of tardiness, you have to buy additional copies for Mrs H and Daisy dog!!

They would both love it.

Donal Curtin said...

I met a guy at a do once, and asked him what he did for a living. "I write children's books", he said. "That's interesting, how's it going?". He looked at me, and said, "Great. Sometimes I sell DOZENS of books".

Paul Walker said...

Dozens. I so dream of dozens!!

Mark Hubbard said...

82 books is over 6 dozen, Paul :)

Paul Walker said...

But I dream big, dozens of dozens!!