Tuesday 27 September 2016

Well done John Minto and Lianne Dalziel

Yes you read that right! Even Minto and Dalziel can be right sometimes.

Minto and Dalziel have come out against a new sports stadium in Christchurch. This morning The Press is reporting that
Minto questioned whether it [the stadium] was needed, while Dalziel labelled it as "waste of time".
According to The Press Jerry Brownlee has said the stadium is on hold until the city council clearly commits to funding it. Well all we need now is for all the other mayoral candidates to back Minto and Dalziel's position. The sooner the council refuses to fund the stadium the better.

As I have argued many times on this blog the economics of sports stadiums are just awful and its good to see some good sense from a couple of our mayoral candidates.

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