Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Interesting blog bits

  1. Lynne Kiesling on Pharmaceuticals and multi-layered government-granted monopoly
    Kiesling looks at Mylan’s price increase of the EpiPen in late August that has caused consternation and a lot of debate about the reasons why Mylan has been able to increase the EpiPen price so dramatically above its production cost.
  2. Timothy Taylor on China's Insufficient Investment in Education
    Can China maintain its rapid pace of economic growth in the decades ahead? The argument discussed here suggests that one substantial hindrance may be China's education system is not keeping up.
  3. Tim Worstall on How to make public policy these days
    Ride hobby horse, spout piffle, invent targets then shout loudly. Sounds about right.
  4. Susannah Kahtan on Re-dressing old wounds: The unintended consequences of NHS prescription regulations
    The current system for exempting certain patients from paying for their NHS prescriptions is discriminatory, unjust and unfit for purpose. The high cost of prescription medication deters many patients from engaging consistently with treatment, increasing their risk of adverse outcomes such as strokes and heart attacks.
  5. Bryan Caplan explans Why I Don't Vote: The Honest Truth
    My honest answer begins with extreme disgust. When I look at voters, I see human beings at their hysterical, innumerate worst. When I look at politicians, I see mendacious, callous bullies. Yes, some hysterical, innumerate people are more hysterical and innumerate than others. Yes, some mendacious, callous bullies are more mendacious, callous, and bully-like than others. But even a bare hint of any of these traits appalls me. When someone gloats, "Politifact says Trump is pants-on-fire lying 18% of the time, versus just 2% for Hillary," I don't want to cheer Hillary. I want to retreat into my Bubble, where people dutifully speak the truth or stay silent.
  6. Tyler Cowen tells us Facts about Jane Jacobs
    Just 8, but I'm going to guess you don't know any of them
  7. Matt Ridley on Invasion of the alien species
    In July, the New Zealand government announced its intention to eradicate all rats, stoats and possums from the entire country by 2050 to save native birds such as the kiwi. It’s an ambitious plan, perhaps impossible to pull off with the methods available today, but it’s a stark reminder that invasive alien species today constitute perhaps the greatest extinction threat to animal populations world-wide.
  8. Steven Kaplan on (God Knows) Wall Street Isn’t Perfect, But It Has Helped Make the World A Lot Better Off
    There is a large academic literature on the effect of financial markets. A great deal of that research finds that countries with thriving financial sectors experience greater growth in GDP. Countries that restrict their financial sectors grow less.

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