Saturday, 6 August 2016

Greg Mankiw on Donald Trump

Mankiw isn't exactly one of the Democrat's most favourite economists, but even he isn't a Trump fan. At his blog, Greg Mankiw's Blog, Mankiw writes,
He will not be getting my vote.

I have Republican friends who think that things couldn't be worse than doubling down on Obama policies under Hillary Clinton. And, like them, I am no fan of the left's agenda of large government and high taxes. But they are wrong: Things could be worse. And I fear they would be under Mr. Trump.

Mr. Trump has not laid out a coherent economic worldview, but one recurrent theme is hostility to a free and open system of international trade. From my perspective as an economics policy wonk, that by itself is disqualifying.
We live in a strange world when such a well known Republican supporting economist comes out with such a statement about the Republican presidential candidate.

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