Tuesday, 5 July 2016

A South Island Initiative

Given the success of Brexit and the likely breakup of the UK when Scotland leaves the union, is it time for a renewed look at independence for the mainland. Is it time to ride ourselves of the tyranny of the North, and its think tanks. Time to get decisions about the South made in the South.

This does raise the question of whether the southern economy would survive on its own. I can't see why not. Given that Australia isn't that much further away than the North Island, a free trade deal with the West Island would make up for any losses in exports and imports from the North. The South Island could become a free trade mecca for the Pacific. We could embrace free trade, low taxes, free banking, the free movement of people, and personal responsibility and freedom, without the interference of Wellington and JAFAs.

And given the Crusaders and the Highlanders we would still have a damn good rugby team. First thing we need, however, is a referendum on breaking away from the North.

Time to drum up support for Southern independence!

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Anonymous said...

Yes! Also we could call it: Sexit!