Thursday, 1 January 2015

Who are the most influential economists?

Here is the list from The Economist:

Got to say I don't think any of them influenced me in anyway last year.

But Tyler Cowen also has a list,
1. Thomas Piketty
2. Paul Krugman
3. Joseph Stiglitz
4. Jeffrey Sachs
5. Amartya Sen

Again don't see what influence any of them had on me.

Arnold Kling has a list to
Steve Levitt. Not my cup of tea, but I have encountered a number of young women who are ardent admirers, which is something I cannot say about any other economist.

Daniel Kahneman. I know many economists and non-economists who have read Thinking Fast and Slow. Not just bought it because it was famous and stopped reading after a few pages, but got through the whole book.

Paul Krugman, for better or worse. If you look in the blogosphere and op-edsphere at the ratio of uncharitable to charitable treatment of those who disagree, then you have a measure of the ratio of his influence relative to mine.

Stan Fischer, for better or worse. The Genghis Khan of macroeconomics, as I put it.

Tyler Cowen. Where would the economics blogosphere be without him?

But it could be that such lists are just stupid.

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