Friday, 11 July 2014

The perfect book for Crampton (updated)

Eric, and other strange people, will be dying to get a copy of this book for their library/graveyard. I guess its the kind of book you can really get your teeth into and suck dry for all its vital fluids information. So take a bite out of it and see what you think.

Given that Eric is moving to the land of politicians and bureaucrats a book on the undead and vampires is a survival guide!

Economics of the Undead: Zombies, Vampires, and the Dismal Science

Table of content:

Introduction: Living Dead in the Modern Economy, by Glen Whitman and James Dow

Part I: Soulless Mates

1. Human Girls and Vampire Boys, Part 1: Looking for Mr. Goodbite, by Glen Whitman
2. Human Girls and Vampire Boys, Part 2: ’Til Death Do Us Part, by Glen Whitman

Part II: Apocalyptonomics

3. Packing for the Zombie Apocalypse, by James Dow
4. Eating Brains and Breaking Windows, by Steven Horwitz and Sarah Skwire
5. To Truck, Barter… And Eat Your Brains!!! Pursuing Prosperity in a Post-Productive World, by Brian Hollar
6. What Happens Next? Endgames of a Zombie Apocalypse, by Kyle William Bishop, David Tufte, and Mary Jo Tufte
7. Order, Coordination, and Collective Action among the Undead, by Jean-Baptiste Fleury and Alain Marciano

Part III: Blood Money

8. Investing Secrets of the Undead, by James Dow
9. Zombification Insurance, by Eleanor Brown and Robert Prag
10. Monsters of Capital: Vampires, Zombies, and Consumerism, by Lorna Piatti-Farnell
11. Trading with the Undead: A Study in Specialization and Comparative Advantage, by Darwyyn Deyo and David T. Mitchell
12. Buy or Bite?, by Enrique Guerra-Pujol
13. To Shoot or to Stake, That Is the Question: The Market for Anti-Vampire Weapons, by Charlotte Weil and S├ębastien Lecou
14. Taxation of the Undead: Non-Sentient Entities, by Joseph Mandarino

Part IV: The Dead Body Politic

15. Tragedy of the Blood Commons: The Case for Privatizing the Humans, by Glen Whitman
16. Zombies as an Invasive Species, by Michael E. O’Hara
17. What Would the Reasonable Man Do in a World Gone Mad?, by Brian Hollar
18. Brain-Dead vs. Undead: Public Ignorance and the Political Economy of Responses to Vampires and Zombies, by Ilya Somin
19. Sinking Our Teeth into Public Policy Economics: A Taste of Immortality, by Fabien Medvecky
20. Where Oh Where Have the Vampires Gone? An Extension of the Tiebout Hypothesis to the Undead, by A.L. Phillips, M.C. Phillips, and G.M. Phillips

Part V: Brain Food

21. The Economics of Bloodlust, by Ian Chadd
22. Between Gods and Monsters: Reason, Instinct, and the Artificial Vampire, by Daniel Farhat
23. Killing Time: Dracula and Social Discoordination, by Hollis Robbins
Update: The editor of the book Glen Whitman discusses it here.

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