Saturday, 15 March 2014

Winston Peters attacks property rights ...... again

From The Press,
Restoration of the Christ Church Cathedral could be a condition of any post-election coalition deal, New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says.
But Winston you don't own the Cathedral. The decision about restoration of it is up to its owners, the Anglican Church, not you. The control rights over the Cathedral are in the hands of the Anglican Church, that's what ownership means.
Peters, who was visiting Christchurch yesterday, called for government intervention and funding for the restoration of the earthquake-damaged landmark.
There is not basis for government intervention. There is no "market failure" requiring government intervention here, its not a public good, there are no externality issues. In short there is no problem that requires government intervention to "fix".

And Winston why should the New Zealand taxpayer have their money wasted on a vote buying scheme for you? The government has better things to do with taxpayer money than buy you a few votes from the anti-property rights, anti-demolition crowd.

The Press continues,
I am seriously committed to this project. It means much more than just the cathedral."

Peters was "very, very confident" a deal could be reached.
Well no. The Anglican Church has made its decision and as they are the owners it is their decision to make, not yours.

Later in the article it says,
Peters said the Government should intervene to restore the cathedral because it was such a significant building.
No, what the government should be doing is supporting property rights and staying out of the whole issues as its nothing to do with them.
This is a huge icon building and critical as a statement of central government belief in the city. We should be intervening because it can be restored and it should be restored.
Who's "we" Batman? "We" should just let the owners of the building decide what they want to do with their property.

The article goes on to quote Peters as saying,
"[The] Government can find all sorts of money for all sorts of projects, including $45 million for the Novopay debacle. This present Government is prepared to put $42m a year into Auckland casino. The cathedral would be less money for far less time."
So the fact that a government does one really stupid thing means it should do lots of really stupid things! Great logic.

Still later the article notes that an
Anglican church spokesman Jayson Rhodes said Peters' comments suggested "the cathedral be taken off the Anglican church".
Exactly! Peters wants to usurp the Church's property rights over the Cathedral.

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