Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Interesting blog bits

A little midweek relaxing local reading:
  1. Bill Kaye-Blake on Summary theories of the firm
    I can't recommend this posting too highly ...!!!!
  2. Eric Crampton on Lockean Parking
    In the Lockean framework, private property can be appropriated from the commons through the mixing of labour. If you mix your labour with the untilled soil, leaving as much and as good yet for others to till, then that tilled soil is yours. You have homesteaded it.
  3. Matt Nolan on ICT, factor shares, employment, and inequality
    Matt is am going to take you on a journey of a series of fortunate events, and at the end hopefully he has a point!
  4. Donal Curtin asks Why are we where we are on this league table?
    League tables are always fascinating, and I came across a rather suggestive one in the January 11 issue of the Economist, in an article, 'Setting out the store', which was making the case for governments to sell off more of their assets.
  5. Not PC on "Trickle Down"
    "Trickle down" does exist. It emanates from government.
  6. Brennan McDonald on University As Consumption Good
    The literature generally looks at university as an investment. You incur costs – foregone wages, tuition, lower income etc. for a few years in the hope of earning a higher labour market income after graduation but it's hard to classify university as an investment if almost everyone is treating it like a consumption good.

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