Wednesday, 4 September 2013

You just have to love journalists (updated x2)

Josh Barro has an article on the Business Insider Australia website on Here's The Key Thing You Should Know About Ronald Coase, The Great Economist Who Died Yesterday At 102. To accompany the article is the picture below. The title on the picture is "Prof. Ronald Coase, 1910-2013".

The key thing you need to know about this picture is that its of Oliver Williamson!! Not Ronald Coase.

Below is a picture of Coase, aged 101.

Update: These guys are really on to it. I've just check the page again (5:50pm 6/9/13 NZ Time) and the Williamson picture is still there. This despite the fact that in the discussion section below the article Ian Deans has written "That picture is of Oliver Williamson, not Ronald Coase. If you want to honor the man, maybe choose a photo of the right guy." Good to see just how much notice they take of the comments on their site.

Update 2: I've checked the page again (10:14pm 13/04/16 NZ Time) and the picture of Williamson is still there.

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