Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A great hopportunity

At the TVHE blog William Taylor points us to a Economics themed beer: Hopportunity cost IPA
The reason for this post is that an NZ Brewery is releasing an economics themed beer! If you read this blog and don’t find that exciting I am confused….The beer is called Hopportunity Cost IPA(as brewer/economist myself, I’m gutted I didn’t think of the name first!!) and the brewery isBehemoth Brewing Company. Behemoth is the brand of lawyer-turned-brewer Andrew Childs, who is “famous” for a winning “Wellington in a Pint” with coffee flavoured beer named after the mayor of Wellington, the Celia Wade-Brown Ale (dom post write up here). I’ve had a sneak peak of the beer and it is delicious!

The launch parties in Auckland/Wellington/ChCh are coming up soon, so you should get along and support economics themed beers! Plus it will widen the pool of people who get the economics puns on the posters that will be at the venues:)

  • Auckland = This Friday @ O’Carrols on Vulcan Lane (FB event page)
  • Christchurch = Thursday 10 October @ The Twisted Hop (FB event page)
Beer and economics, what's not to love?!

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