Tuesday, 20 August 2013

One up for a carbon tax

A new NBER working paper looks at Carbon Taxes vs. Cap and Trade: A Critical Review. The paper by Lawrence H. Goulder and Andrew Schein sees advantages in a carbon tax when compared to a cap-and-trade.

The abstract reads:
We examine the relative attractions of a carbon tax, a “pure” cap-and-trade system, and a “hybrid” option (a cap-and-trade system with a price ceiling and/or price floor). We show that the various options are equivalent along more dimensions than often are recognized. In addition, we bring out important dimensions along which the approaches have very different impacts. Several of these dimensions have received little attention in prior literature.

A key finding is that exogenous emissions pricing (whether through a carbon tax or through the hybrid option) has a number of attractions over pure cap and trade. Beyond helping prevent price volatility and reducing expected policy errors in the face of uncertainties, exogenous pricing helps avoid problematic interactions with other climate policies and helps avoid large wealth transfers to oil exporting countries.

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