Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Poor old WalMart

I have come across a survey article on the efforts of WalMart on local economies. The abstract reads:
This article reviews the literature that evaluates WalMart’s impacts on local economies. The authors first describe the methods used to account for potential reverse causality of WalMart’s store location decisions, and then they discuss the literature assessing the company’s effect on three aspects of community life: (a) retail (and nonretail) businesses, across large- and small-sized stores and in different business environments; (b) retail workers, wages, and types of jobs; and (c) producer and consumer welfare through the company’s price-decreasing effect and other potential indirect effects. Last, articles focusing on a broad spectrum of local conditions that could be affected by the company, including poverty rates, social capital, food insecurity, policy effectiveness, and obesity are reviewed. For each dimension, evidence is found of both positive and negative effects, suggesting that we are still far from truly understanding the net effect of WalMart on local economies, let alone the overall consequences in the long run. (Emphasis added)
The bit in bold is what gets me. Are they seriously trying to hold WalMart responsible for poverty rates, social capital (what ever that means), food insecurity, policy effectiveness, and obesity?!!!

Bloody hell, poor old WalMart just can't win, they manage to get blamed for everything!

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