Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Blogging on stadiums

Thanks to Close Up the economics of stadiums is back in the news. I'm not sure what planet Gerry Brownlee is on when it comes to economics but his defence of a Christchurch stadium wasn't great. He didn't have any answers to the points raised against stadiums in the Close Up video.

Sam Richardson from the Fair Play and Forward Passes blogs starred in the Close Up video but he has also blogged on the topic of stadiums a number of times: see his label Stadiums. Eric Crampton at the Offsetting Behaviour blog has also blogged on stadiums, see his label Stadiums. I have also blogged on the economics of stadiums, see my label Stadiums.


Sam Richardson said...

Hi Paul,
I've just figured out labels on Blogger - hopefully now things will be easier to link to should the need arise! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Paul Walker said...

No problem, have now linked to your label.