Monday 10 September 2012

Auld keen on debunking Keen (updated)

Steven Keen is going around the country right now explaining the many, many evils, as he see them, of standard economics. That the majority of economists don't agree with Keen will not come as any surprise to most people. One person who has done a great service in debunking Keen's ideas on "Debunking Economics" is Professor Christopher Auld. Back in 2002 he wrote on article on "Debunking Debunking Economics". Unfortunately this article has not been available online for some time but now Professor Auld has kindly allowed me to make it available once more. A copy is available here for those interested.

For some local comments on Keen's ideas see Anti-Dismal here and here and TVHE here and here.

Update: Matt Nolan at the TVHE blog is Debunking Keen on Bernanke: The issue of debt deflation

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