Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Preaching to the unconverted

The good news of the day is that there is now an economics blog on Sciblogs. It's called The Dismal Science and will pull posts from New Zealand economics blogs such as Fair Play and Forward Passes (Sam Richardson), Groping Towards Bethlehem (Bill Kaye-Blake), Offsetting Behaviour (Eric Crampton and Seamus Hogan) and The Visible Hand in Economics (Matt Nolan, James Zucollo and co-bloggers).

Eric Crampton explains there are still a few problems workings of the new blog:
We're still working out some back end issues to let me efficiently curate the different inbound feeds. When everything is working right, I'll see a morning dashboard with a list of new posts up at the source blogs that their authors deemed worthy, then schedule them for appearance at Dismal. I'd also like to be able to pull classic posts from our combined back archives when topics like capital gains taxes or stadiums become timely. Peter Griffin, the Editor at SciBlogs, is seeing what we can do to set up the system's back end.
But the problems will be sorted quickly, so keep an eye on The Dismal Science to add to your daily fix of economics blogging!

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