Monday, 4 June 2012

Interesting blog bits

  1. Gary Becker on Profits, Competition, and Social Welfare
    The main reason to be concerned about the attacks on competitive capitalism is that it has delivered during the past 150 years so much to all strata’s of society, including the poor. I will try to demonstrate this not with a general analysis, but with several rather impressive examples.
  2. Chris Dillow argues, loudly, that Punk is dead, alas
    Watching Punk Brittania reminded me of a now-lost world - one in which young people's anger shocked their elders.
  3. Not PC on Re-designing Russel’s “green” economics
    Interesting to see Greens’s co-leader Russel Norman getting back at his party’s weekend conference to talking about the impending demise of the environment”—the alleged reason for the party’s existence, and for them the ultimate imaginary hobgoblin.
  4. Eric Crampton says Libertarian paternalism is an oxymoron
    Remember those Sci-Fi movies from the '50s where the mad scientist, who only had the good of the world at heart and proceeded with his experiments despite much warning, winds up on his knees crying out to the sky "It wasn't supposed to be like this! This isn't what I wanted!"
  5. Sam Richardson asks Who saw this coming?
    "I have to admit, I thought we, as a country, might just have gone a bit over budget in the hosting of the Rugby World Cup. Rugby New Zealand 2011 didn't though!"

    I would still point out that it is being claimed that the RWC LOST $31.3 million. How many business would call that a good result?!
  6. Groping towards Bethlehem on The value of a Wellington worker’s life
    "The Christchurch earthquakes have made the whole country more focused on earthquake risk. It has changed the Wellington market for office space, for example, with businesses now putting more weight on earthquake safety."

    What I can't get my head around is the idea that there is a real worker in Wellington! Isn't it all just bureaucrats and politicians?

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