Sunday 27 May 2012

Will they never get the point?

From Stuff comes this bit of "news":
Several thousand people have gathered in Christchurch this afternoon to protest the demolition of the city's Anglican cathedral.

The protest rally began in Cranmer Square and saw past and present civic leaders, MPs and other high profile Christchurch residents calling on the Anglican Church to immediately halt demolition work on the quake-damaged Cathedral
Listen up people, you don't own the Cathedral and thus you get no say in what happens to it. If you want control rights over the building then buy them .... using YOUR money of course.
Former MP Jim Anderton told the crowd that 100 engineers had confirmed the Cathedral could be saved and restoration should go ahead regardless of the cost. If the city could afford to spend money on a new rugby stadium it could afford to restore the city's most iconic building. (Emphasis added)
Regardless of the cost?! Then you pay the cost Jimbo. Don't try and spend other peoples money on the Cathedral just because you want to save it. You don't have the right to force other people to pay for restoration just because you want it. Use your money. And remember there is an opportunity cost to saving the Cathedral,  money spent on that can not be spent on other more important things, you know like sewage and water systems, housing for the homeless etc. Actually Jim the city can not afford to spend money on either saving the Cathedral or a new rugby stadium. Just look at Dunedin to see the problems a stadium can cause.
"Pause, consult the experts and let the public ... have a say about their Cathedral,'' Crighton said. (Emphasis added)
But, and this is the important point, it ISN'T their Cathedral! Property rights over the building are held by the Anglican Church and not by Anna Crighton and her bunch of wannabe owners. They have no right to try and usurp control over the Cathedral away from its rightful owners, the Anglican Church.

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