Wednesday, 9 May 2012

NZAE 2012 conference

As Seamus Hogan points out the New Zealand Association of Economists conference this year is being held in Palmerston North from Wednesday June 27 - Friday June 29. Early-Bird registration closes on Thursday. To register, go to the conference website and follow the link to on-line registration.

Followers of New Zealand economics blogs will find some familiar material. Seamus has packaged up some of his tax posts into a paper; Eric will be talking about minimum wages; and Sam Richardson of Fair Play and Forward Passes, will be talking about some of his work on over-egging the economic benefits of sports stadia and the like. James Z from TVHE, and Bill-Kaye Blake from Groping Towards Bethlehem are also presenting papers.

But most importantly there will be a round-table discussion on the impact economics blogs, featuring all the above authors plus Matt Nolan of TVHE. Berk Ozler from the World Bank will lead off the session with a paper quantifying the impact of economics blogs.

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