Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Is this self interest or what!

From Radio New Zealand news
The owner of a Christchurch construction company is calling for a law change to force property developers working in the earthquake-hit city to donate a small percentage of their land for affordable housing.

Falcon Construction director David Reid says there is not enough affordable land in Christchurch to meet the demands of residents displaced from the red zone.
Now what types of businesses stand to gain the most from this kind of law change? Construction companies by any chance? Self interest is all well and good but you could try to be subtle.

Also isn't there something weird about forcing people to donate? If you're forced its not much of a donation.

What incentives does this give property developers? Just what land would they "donate"? And what would it do to the cost of developments on the non-donated land? The cost of the "donated" land would have to be recovered somehow?

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