Thursday, 23 June 2011

Not all innovation is successful

From the New Zealand Herald,
Pam Corkery's bid to open the world's first brothel for women has failed.

The flame-haired former MP announced plans for Pammy's - a "6-star boutique haven" for discerning women - amid a blaze of publicity last year.

But Corkery and business partner Rebekah Hay have backed out of plans to set up shop in the Masonic Temple in Eden Terrace in inner-city Auckland.


Papers filed with the Auckland Council said the brothel would have a 24-hour bar, VIP lounge and "holistic centre" with day spa.

"Women will go to Pammy's to get a pedicure, a meal, a drink, and if they so choose sex with one of the male sex workers," it said.
As Tim Harford implies with the sub-title of his latest book, “Why Success Always Starts with Failure”, we must be willing to fail, to succeed.

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