Thursday, 19 May 2011

Oh no!

Sadly there is a posting at the Aid Watch blog saying that the blog is no more. William Easterly and Laura Freschi write
The simple reason for ending the blog is that we want to free up our own time for writing longer and more substantive pieces, both academic and non-academic, on development.

The blog is a hungry mouth that always wants to be fed, and the longer projects we’d like to take on don’t fit in with those constraints.

Economists are professionally trained to be wary of diminishing returns to any one activity, and to be entrepreneurial about starting new activities. Although we’ll still write about aid, we plan to move away from aid criticism as our main focus, and put more emphasis on the high-stakes development debates going on now. We still believe that more aid will reach the poor the more people are watching aid, but, as we’ve always known, there’s a lot more to development than aid.
While I can fully understand the time issue, blogs do take a lot of your time, it's sad to see Aid Watch go. It was always a good and useful read.

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