Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Government ditches 2025 taskforce

But what is surprising here. As I have written on the taskforce before
I think most economists would basically agree that the government is involved in areas where it shouldn't be and reducing the government's business footprint and size in general would help simulate growth. The other points noted above also don't look all that radical. But the government will nevertheless ignore the report.
And if you are going to ignore the commission's reports, why have the commission?

As this report from YahooExtra news notes
The 2025 Taskforce made several recommendations the Government ruled out adopting, such as slashing spending by $9 billion, cutting taxes, reducing beneficiary numbers, raising the pension age, selling state-owned assets and vigorously encouraging foreign investment.
and there was never anyway that this government was going to run with such recommendations. This is a conservative government, in all meanings of the word.

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Andrew R said...

The only reason there was a 2025 task force was that it was required by Act as part of the agreement to support National. Then it was packed with ideologues and it produced the claptrap that was expected. Set up to fail.