Monday, 14 February 2011

Greens support free expression: sometimes

Homepaddock very correctly writes:
It’s difficult to decide which is more offensive, the decision to prevent Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard speaking in Parliament or Green Party co-leader Russel Norman’s explanation for doing so:
“The government of the day could invite all sorts of unpleasant people, like (former United States president) George Bush for example they had in Australia, that I think a lot of Members of Parliament would be uncomfortable with and so we thought the best thing was to keep a simple precedent.”
Heaven forbid the delicate ears of our Members of Parliament should be assailed with something which discomforts them!
The whole point of freedom of speech is that it applies to everyone, whether we agree with them or not. If Russell Norman is soooooooooooo sensitive that he can not cope with listening to Julia Gillard that's his problem - why does he just sit outside Parliament while Gillard is speaking - but it's not a basis for curtailing freedom of expression. Norman just ends up looking small minded and petty.

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