Monday, 31 January 2011

The low standard of debate

The standard of debate on the topic of asset sale isn't great but this extract from a letter to the Editor of the DomPost (thanks to The Inquiring Mind for this quote) really shows just how bad the debate can get:
‘Obviously the Government is planning to sell the majority of the shares overseas to either the Americans or the Chinese.

If power companies go to the Americans, how long will it be before some smart boy in Wall Street does an Enron and figures that more money can be made by not making electricity?

If the companies go to the Chinese, how long will it be before elements of the Red Army are sent to New Zealand in order to protect their asset? How long before coal or oil, destined to power a thermal station here is diverted to China?’
The economic understanding of the general public isn't great at times but this type of xenophobic misinformation and outright rubbish is just too bizarre for words.

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