Tuesday, 25 January 2011

I'm confused

According to the University of Otago,
Scientists at the University of Otago have found that regular consumption of school milk significantly reduced the risk of bowel cancer in adulthood. (emphasis added)
So if you drink milk at home it has no effect?


homepaddock said...

That's exactly what I wondered.

I never drank school milk if I could avoid it but drank lot of milk at home.

Paul Walker said...

HP: I have to say the news release is not well worded. I wonder who wrote it, an (ex)journalist?!!!

Unless they really do mean only school milk matters.

homepaddock said...

I heard one of the researchers on the radio and he kept talking about school milk.

Maybe tepid milk which has sat in the sun for several hours has more benefit than that from a fridge at home?