Friday, 1 October 2010

Collusion between administrators and students unions?

This press report tells us,
Lincoln University says student associations are vital to campus life and it is condemning an ACT bill to make their membership voluntary.
Lincoln University and its student association issued a joint statement today, condemning the bill.
You do have to ask why this collusion between the university administrators and the students union? It can't be for the good of the students, if the uni administrators cared about that they would just let the students vote on what they really wanted and go along with the students wishes. No it's more likely that administrators find it easier to ignore what students really want while maintaining the fiction that students have been consulted on issues, when all they have really done is talk to the student president.

As Sir John Hicks put it, the best form of monopoly is a quit life, and student unions give uni administrators that.

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