Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A transformation economy: shaping the future of EU trade policy

In this audio from VoxEU.org David O’Sullivan, Director General for Trade at the European Commission, joins the VoxEU trade policy debate. He talked to CEPR's Viv Davies about, amongst other things, the EU’s responsibility within the world trading system, trade governance and the WTO, the role of reciprocity, the BRICs, and the importance of successfully concluding the DDA negotiations; he also comments on the issue of ‘multilateralising regionalism.’

I have two words for Mr O'Sullivan: Free Trade.


Tim Worstall said...

On another such Vox EU post, where the cheif trade economist for the EU asked "well, what should be the EU's trade policy" I commented that unilateral free trade was the only policy anyone ever needed.

Oddly, the moderators removed my comment.

Paul Walker said...

Tim: I'm sure that the idea of free trade is blasphemy at the European Commission.