Friday, 3 September 2010

A reason to move to the U.K.

According to the Daily Express
BRITAIN was condemned as a sex-obsessed “hedonistic wasteland” yesterday by an influential figure in the Roman Catholic church.
The U.K. has something going for it after all.

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Anonymous said...

I'm afraid dear old Blighty only rates as "sex-obsessed" because its unfortunate inhabitants spend more time drooling over the merest glimpse of (overwhelmingly) female flesh (usually in print or on the all-important screen) than actually enjoying doing anything.

Our Continental neighbours escape the label because they don't spend 95% of the year encased from head to foot in layer upon layer of clothing, afraid to expose much more than a fingernail for fear of overexciting "the lads" or becoming the next tabloid scandal.

Still interested? I'll trade countries.

- Dave