Thursday, 17 June 2010

Has Frampton met Crampton?

The Press tells us that, with regard to the Christchurch mayoralty race,
Canterbury University senior economics lecturer Eric Frampton, who sits on the iPredict advisory board, said the Christchurch mayoralty contest had attracted plenty of trading.
"Parker started to drop after Anderton confirmed he was running and he fell further after this week's poll came out," Frampton said.
Perhaps Eric Frampton should meet his colleague Eric Crampton, of Offsetting Behaviour fame, they seem to have much in common.

Well done The Press!! Not.


Eric Crampton said...

Paul: I'm overwhelmingly happy to see them starting to note the prediction market prices, they could have called me Walker.

Paul Walker said...

"they could have called me Walker."

You should be so lucky!!!!!!

Rob Hosking said...

Frampton Comes Alive, obviously.

(showing my age with that one: you young 'uns look it up on the Googlepedia or whatever its called)