Sunday, 2 May 2010

Tax freedom day

From the New Zeland Business Roundtable comes the news that Tax Freedom Day this year is again 11 May, at least as far as the central government tax burden is concerned. Tax Freedom Day represents the notional day in the year when the average New Zealander stops working for the government and starts working for themselves. So the average New Zealander effectively spends more than one third of the year working for central government. Aren't we lucky?!!

In the UK Tax Freedom Day 2010 is May 30, so we are doing a little better than them. In the US it is April 9, a month before us.


gih said...

We are still not exempted to that tax. we are very poor and need to be part of the exemption.

matt said...

I imagine council rates would add another few days. I think I saw a calculation that once government asset ownership is account for, the government's share of the economy goes to 56%, which would make break even day 24 July.