Sunday, 28 March 2010

Repugnant market or not?

One man's repugnant market is another man's employment market. This from Al Roth at the Market Design blog on China's theme park of dwarves.
Quotes reflecting opposing views of repugnance:

“I think it is horrible,” said Gary Arnold, the spokesman for Little People of America Inc., a dwarfism support group based in California. “What is the difference between it and a zoo?” Even the term “dwarf” is offensive to some; his organization prefers “person of short stature.”

"But there is another view, and Mr. Chen and some of his short-statured workers present it forcefully. One hundred permanently employed dwarfs, they contend, is better than 100 dwarfs scrounging for odd jobs. They insist that the audiences who see the dwarfs sing, dance and perform comic routines leave impressed by their skills and courage."
I just wonder why Mr Arnold in America thinks he has the right to tell Mr Chen in China how to make a living.

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