Wednesday, 6 January 2010

SuperFreakonomics is dangerous

or so thinks the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. On the Freakonomics blog Steven Levitt writes
An inmate there, Thomas Giesburg, recently attempted to order a copy of SuperFreakonomics from Amazon. Much to his surprise, the prison intercepted the book and would not allow it to be delivered to him because it deemed sections of SuperFreakonomics to be “written solely for the purpose of communicating information designed to achieve the breakdown of prisons through offender disruption such as strikes, riots, or security threat group activity.” The pages they cited in the book were 57, 59, 60, and 97.
Its good to see that the Nanny State in the US is keeping their prisons safe. They don't do too well on protecting aircraft from terrorists, but at least their prisons are safe from economics.

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