Monday, 21 December 2009

Interesting blog bits

  1. Don Boudreaux notes that the F.T.C. Sues Intel. Yes the US government has done something dumb. Just who is surprised?
  2. Steven Horwitz on The False Dichotomy of Rothbardian Anarchism and Hayekian Classical Liberalism.
  3. David Warsh on Paul Samuelson’s Legacy. I have to say Samuelson wasn't my favourite economist. But many others think better of him.
  4. Eric Crampton notes that their is a Year end clearance sale: event derivatives at iPredict.
  5. Peter Klein ponders the Ironies of Avatar.
  6. Not PC asks Is Christmas too commercial? And answers hell, no!
  7. Matt Nolan on Monetary policy discussion in the US. Sounds like the argument here.
  8. Carmine Guerriero on Agreeing on what really matters: The slow evolution of legal institutions toward efficiency. Do different types of legal system have a lasting effect on the economy? The emerging consensus would argue “yes”. This column suggests that types of legal system can change depending on the culture and political institutions of the country. Determining the effect on the economy is not straightforward.

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