Tuesday, 22 December 2009

A Beginner’s Guide to Liberty

A Beginner’s Guide to Liberty is the new book from the Adam Smith Institute. The guide consists of the following ten chapters, all of which are jargon-free and written in clear, simple language:
* The importance of liberty by JC Lester
* How markets work by Eamonn Butler
* Free Trade by Daniel Griswold
* Taxation and government spending by Daniel J. Mitchell
* Property rights by Karol Boudreaux
* Why government fails by Peter J. Boettke & Douglas B. Rogers
* Sex, drugs and liberty by John Meadowcroft
* Welfare without the state by Kristian Niemietz
* Banking, inflation and recessions by Anthony J. Evans
* The role of government by Stephen Davies
The book can be downloaded as a pdf file or purchased from the Institute. Well worth a read.

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