Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Local nanny state

At least in the UK. The Adam Smith Institute blog points out that the
Liverpool Council would like to consult with organisations and members of the public upon a proposal to revise its licensing policy that would mean an "18" classification would be given to new release films exhibited in Liverpool if they depict images of tobacco smoking and do not already carry an "18" classification.
The ASI blog continues
The lunacy of this proposal is beyond argument, but is further evidenced in the details. Apparently smoking will be permitted if it shows “a real historical figure (not an historical era) who actually smoked” and/or shows “clearly and unambiguously, the dangers of smoking, tobacco use or second-hand smoke.” Imagine the jobsworths who will judge this; they would have had to make Saving Private Ryan an “18” . Under such circumstances this of course could have been avoided: Steven Spielberg could had also pointed out the dangers of smoking while telling the story of the Omaha beachhead assault of June 6, 1944.
Hasn't the council got something more important to be doing rather than just coming up with pointless, stupid, paternalistic, pc regulations? What will be next? Public burnings of books which mention smoking?

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