Monday, 31 August 2009

Interesting blog bits

  1. Dan Klein asks A Milton Friedman on the Horizon? I think not.
  2. Gary Becker points out that More Regulation of Mortgages would Likely Hurt Consumers.
  3. Brad Taylor on Minority Rights are Anti-Democratic. Robert Dahl knows his democratic theory, so we should take notice when he argues that the protection of minority interests conflicts with democratic ideals.
  4. Al Roth has a list of Misc. organ transplant links. All have something interesting to say about transplantation.
  5. Eric Crampton on Strategic incompetence. For the mafia, signalling incompetence at running a business credibly shows the subject of the protection racket that the mafia just wants to keep extracting money that way rather than take over the business fully. In academia, at least in Italy, something similar happens.
  6. Ann Harrison on International trade, offshoring, and US wages. This column revisits the heated debate over international trade, offshoring, and US wages using new data. It says that increased international exchange with low-income countries has depressed US wages. That effect only arose during the 1990s, suggesting a different conclusion about trade, offshoring, and income inequality than the previous round of debate.

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