Friday, 21 August 2009

Interesting blog bits

  1. Eric Crampron on Auckland Maori seats: good idea? But what about the loss of of Tiebout competition?
  2. Seamus Hogan on Electricity Technical Advisory Group Report. The ETAG was appointed in April this year to review the performance of the electricity markets (wholesale and retail) and make recommendations on improvements. And the report isn't as bad as you may think.
  3. Seamus Hogan on ETAG Report and Wholesale Competition
  4. Matt Nolan on NZ/Aussie Optimum currency area. Can't say I see the point myself, but Matt puts the case for and against.
  5. Elizabeth U. Cascio on Long-term effects of investments in universal early education: Evidence from the American kindergarten expansion. Proponents of universal early education hope that such investments will yield long-term socioeconomic benefits. This column presents evidence that state governments funding public kindergartens in the US actually widened socioeconomic disparities across adults, as whites made gains that blacks did not. That result highlights the sensitivity of policy interventions to their means of funding and the structure of existing alternatives.
  6. Robert Higgs on The Rise of Big Business and the Growth of Government. Just what is the relationship between the rise of big business and the growth of government?
  7. David Henderson on Cash for Clunky Ideas. Cash for clunkers destroys wealth

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