Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Interesting blog bits

  1. David Henderson on Market Failure or Market Success? Not all failure may be failure.
  2. Tom M on Meritocracy - Neither Descriptive nor Desirable. He wants you to reject meritocracy.
  3. BK Drinkwater asks Which Are You More Upset About? The ban on driving while using a cellphone, or the prospect of a pseudoephedrine ban?
  4. Eric Crampton on Gender pay gap: nonpecuniary benefits edition.
  5. MacDoctor on Sick Food. Orthorexia nervosa: Obsession with righteous eating.
  6. Peter Boettke on George Selgin on the Audit of the Fed, and Why We Could Even Do Without the Fed
  7. Matt Nolan on Social harm and drugs: Is something missing? All costs, no benefits again?

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