Sunday, 9 August 2009

Interesting blog bits

  1. Eric Crampton on Further on the price elasticity of demand for alcohol. The Law Commission's report claims that youth are particularly price sensitive and that heavy drinkers are no less price sensitive than moderate drinkers. As noted a couple of days ago, the latter claim is absolute nonsense.
  2. Brad Taylor on Coherence versus Political Reality. Politics as it’s practised on the ground isn’t a competition between alternative coherent worldviews, but competing myths, symbols, and identity groups.
  3. Save the Humans on Bin City Blows $19m on Recycling in a Recession. What on earth is going on in the People's Republic? The council has purchased a company which processes recycling material that no one wants.
  4. Philip Salter asks, Should taxpayers fund the arts? My answer, in short, no.
  5. John Blundell asks Should the government cut arts funding? Yes, he says.
  6. Matt Nolan gives us a Cartoon: Night classes.
  7. José Cuesta asks Are policymakers better equipped for the next food price crisis? The food crisis caught some policymakers off guard. Will they be ready next time? This column argues that most studies of the crisis offer little in the way of tractable policy responses. This knowledge gap leaves policymakers unprepared to prevent or mitigate the next food price crisis.

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