Sunday, 19 July 2009

Interesting blog bits

  1. Size Matters. Or so says Ele Ludemann at the Homepaddock blog.
  2. Brad Taylor on Space Steading. The Space Frontier Foundation looks like an interesting organization. Their central goal is the colonising of space.
  3. Will Wilkinson on Fed Independence: Too Important to Verify. The Fed can be independent and unaccountable and undemocratic, or it can be subject to the political whims of elected officials; neither is a very attractive prospect.
  4. David Henderson Audit the Fed, or End It? Some people want the Federal Reserve Bank be audited. Is this a good idea? There's one obvious plus and there are two less-obvious minuses.
  5. Tim Worstall on Measuring inequality. It's very definitely true that income inequality has risen in recent decades: but much much harder to insist that consumption inequality has done.
  6. Greg Mankiw has some Questions for the President.

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