Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Ford, the UAW and the government

Given the ownership stake that the United Auto Workers now have, thanks to the Obama administration, in Chrysler and General Motors you have to ask the question how long before Ford seeks to decertify the union and replace it with one that doesn't own the company's competitors? What incentives does ownership of Ford's competitors give the union in its relationship with Ford? Is the union likely to want Chrysler and General Motors to do better at Ford's expense?

Add to this the fact the Chrysler and General Motors are also part owned by the US and Canadian governments, who we assume don't want them to fail and will act to prevent this, then Ford has reason to be worried. Its competitors seem to have gained an advantage over Ford simply because they were worse run than Ford. Ford may well suffer because it managed, at least so far, to survive without government intervention.

Being, comparatively, well run all of a sudden has become a disadvantage. Such is the strange world of government interference in business.

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