Thursday, 28 May 2009

Budget 2009 (updated)

Personally I find budgets boring, so I tend not to follow them. For me budgets have everything to do with politics and nothing to do with economics.

But others do follow them:
  • Brad Taylor comments here. His considered reaction: meh.
  • Matt Nolan comments here. The one time that we need a shift in government policy - and nothing happens.
  • BK Drinkwater comments here. The Government's not gonna be in surplus in the next three, or even five, years; but the drastic cuts and unpleasantness necessary to achieve that will be avoided.
  • Homepaddock comments here. The budget is a balanced response to the recession.
  • Not PC comments here. Disgraceful.
  • Frogblog comments here. Warm healthy homes confirmed.
  • Bowalley Road comments here. FEAR. That’s what Bill English’s first Budget is all about.
  • The New Zealand Business Roundtable comments here. The government must not repeat the performance of the previous government of talking the talk about lifting New Zealand up the international income rankings and not walking the walk.
  • MacDoctor comments here. I would have been considerably nastier than Bill.
  • Kiwiblog and The Standard say the things you would expect them to say.
And I'm sure there will be lots more pointless, meaningless bs spouted about the budget over the next few days. Enjoy!

Update: BK Drinkwater has a Budget Roundup.

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