Saturday, 11 April 2009

Interesting blog bits

  1. TVHE on Americans growing more tolerant of gay marriage
  2. Brad Taylor on Same-sex Marriage and the Neutral State.
  3. Homepaddock on Biosecurity threat or just non-tariff barrier? She asks a very important question here. We must be very careful that any opposition we have to the importation of goods is based on science and not just an attempt to reduce competition in our markets.
  4. Beyond the prohibitive cost of patent protection in Europe. The European Patent Office has offered a centralised examination service for the 34 member states of the European Patent Convention since the 1970s. However, once patents are granted by the EPO, there is no uniform system to enforce them. They must be validated and enforced by each member state. This column argues that the resulting uncertainty about the validity and market reach of patents reduces innovation. Of course you could just do away with patents altogether.
  5. Eric Crampton on Art instinct? Denis Dutton says we all have one. Is he right?
  6. The Inquiring Mind on The irrelevance formerly known as Phil Goff. Harsh but probably true.

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