Friday, 6 March 2009

Interesting blog bits

  1. Not PC on John Banks sticks his hand in your pocket.
  2. Save the Humans on Recycling: 5 Year Plan Fails. We Must Redouble Efforts.
  3. Richard Baldwin and Simon J Evenett on Don't let murky protectionism stall a global recovery: Things the G20 should do
    This column introduces a new Ebook presenting in-depth analysis of i) the collapse of global trade, and ii) the new, murkier protection emerging as governments around the world massively increase their role in the economy. A negative protection-recession spiral is one of the few things that have not yet gone wrong in this crisis. The book presents concrete steps that G20 leader should take to avoid such a spiral and the threat it would pose to global recovery.
  4. Elisa Gamberoni and Richard Newfarmer on Trade protection: Incipient but worrisome trends
    Trade protection is on the rise around the world and risks pushing the economy into prolonged contraction. Officials have proposed more than 60 new trade restrictions since the beginning of the financial crisis. While a serious outbreak of protectionism has yet to occur, vigilance and leadership are required.
  5. William Easterly on Affluence and Ethics. Helping the poor: What can be done must be done. So what truly can be done? This is a review of Peter Singer's new book "The Life You Can Save".
  6. Kiwiblog on the Crown Accounts.

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