Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Crampton on NZ

Eric Crampton gives us his NZ Roundup over at Offsetting Behaviour. I have to say he has a much rosier view of things than I do. This government can, in my view, do a lot better than it is.


Crampton said...

Just think how much worse it could be!

Paul Walker said...

But think, it could also be sooooo much better!

Ed Snack said...

Interesting, can you give a potted summary of what you think this government SHOULD be doing ?

I remain to be convinced that more government action is positive.

Crampton said...

I don't think either Paul or I would argue that Key should be doing more. As Bryan Caplan's put it, "Doing something hasn't worked. It's time to give nothing a chance."

Some stuff he's been doing I greatly favour, like the 90 day bill. Anything that increases labour market flexibility is great.